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General Questions

How is Picture Organic Clothing sustainable?

“Since day one, we have always sought to push one step further to minimize our impact on the environment. Fighting climate change through our passion for boardsports and great outdoors, this is our mission. We claim our brand values loud and clear : Ride, Protect & Share.”
– Julien, Jeremy, and Vincent
Co-founders of Picture

Find out more about PICTURE’s commitment to Sustainability and Transparency here.

How are Saola Shoes sustainable?

Saola use as many recycled, organic, and bio-based materials as possible in the construction of their shoes. But there are still limitations preventing them from being truly 100% eco-friendly, which is why they’re committed to continuing to research and make improvements every season.
Find out more about Saola’s construction and manufacturing process here.

How do I pronounce Saola?

Ahhh…the million-dollar question. As an international team with varying accents, some of us say SAY-oh-la, some say SAH-ow-lah. The animal we’re named after is pronounced SOW-la. Our official stance is there are bigger problems in the world, so whatever works for you works for us.

Order Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards via PayPal.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Sure, contact us here.
Or simply reply to your order confirmation email.

Exchanges & Returns

Do you offer exchanges?

We will be happy to process one return or exchange on any unused and undamaged full priced items within 30 days of the purchase date. Please view our full policy on exchanges here.

What is your policy on returns?

Please refer to our exchanges and returns policy here.

How do I return an item?

For instructions on returning an item, please visit our returns and exchanges page here.

What is the processing time on returns?

Returns and exchanges are usually processed within two business days upon arrival to the warehouse. Delivery times are subject to area and courier, but best to allow for four to five business days, and 2 extra days for rural addresses. Refunds are processed within 10 business days after receipt and inspection of the products at the warehouse.


Do you ship outside New Zealand?

We only ship to New Zealand at this time.

Shipping Fees

Shipping and one exchange are free of charge within New Zealand on all orders of $199 or more.

Shipping Information

Your product will be shipped from our Christchurch warehouse/store on Castle Parcel couriers, allow 4-5 working days, add an extra 2 days for rural deliveries. A tracking code will be sent to you when the courier collects your parcel – please check your junk mail if you don’t receive a copy.

Repairs & Warranties

Picture Warranty

Select Picture items are covered by life-time repair warranty, and all other products are covered by a two-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects.

 To find out more about the warranty guidelines and process for Picture products, visit our warranty page here. 

Saola Warranty

SAOLA shoes offers a 6-month warranty against any manufacturer defects in materials or workmanship. This does not include normal wear and tear, improper care, product abuse, or use of product for unintended purposes. Warranties must be submitted up to six months from the original date of purchase, with proof of purchase. If you purchased shoes directly from our online store, please send us a message here with your order number, proof of purchase, and photos detailing your issue.

How do I return an item?

For all repair and warranty enquires, please contact us here with a detailed description of your problem. A customer service representative will help guide you through the warranty process.

What is the processing time on warranties?

Returns and exchanges are usually processed within two business days upon arrival to the warehouse. Delivery times are subject to area and courier, but are usually within four to five business days for non-rural destinations. Refunds are processed within 10 business days after receipt and inspection of the products at the warehouse.

Repair times vary dependent upon the nature of the problem.
We have a well-established relationship with local Christchurch agent Twin Needle for all clothing and gear repair.

Product Care & Enquiries

How do I choose the right size?

On each product page, you will find a size chart link.

Picture, as a European brand, can run smaller in fit/feel – please check the size charts on the products page to help ensure product satisfaction.

All Saola widths are proportionate to size, based on a “medium fit.”
If you are between sizes or unsure, we do recommend on sizing up.

How do I care for my Saola Shoes?

All knitted models can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle after taking out the cork insole.

All vegan leather models can be wiped clean with a cloth dipped in warm water.

How do I maintain my product's water repellency?

Machine wash, at 30°C (85°F), all products with a waterproof membrane. We recommend that you use a gentle detergent such as “NST WASH” for delicates. Never use softeners or bleach.

To thoroughly clean your garment without running the risk of doing any damage, make sure that you close all Velcro, buttons, and zippers, as well as loosen the elastic drawstrings, before placing it into the washing machine.

If the tag on your garment indicates that it is okay, machine dry the garment at a low temperature setting to revive its water repellency.

Since the original durable water repellent finish does not last forever, you need to retreat your garments when water no longer beads up on the face fabric.

Renew the durable water repellent finish every time you wash the garment by pouring a product such as “NST PROOF” in the detergent dispenser (or apply it after washing the garment by using a spray).

Never use an aerosol, otherwise you run the risk of inhaling fine particles and potentially altering the performance capability and quality of your pair of shoes.

How do I care for my Picture Wetsuit?


Our wetsuits, made with NaturalPrene or EicoPrene, require special care. When you wash your wetsuit rinse it thoroughly enough to remove all salt, sand, and other residues before hanging it up to dry.


After washing it, you should dry your wetsuit as indicated, and start by turning it inside out. Remember that sun and heat are NaturalPrene’s and EicoPrene’s worst enemies. Do not hang your wetsuit in direct sunlight or expose it to direct heat to dry, since this will damage the outer surface.


Take off your wetsuit carefully to keep from stretching out the NaturalPrene/EicoPrene and to prevent any potential damage to the seams. We recommend storing your wetsuit in a cool, dry, and protected place and far from any sharp or hard objects to avoid the risk of punctures or tears.

P.S.: One last recommendation – don’t pee in your wetsuit!

How do I use Picture Beeswax?

  1. Start by rubbing the bar of BeeWax on the area that you would like to waterproof. We recommend paying particular attention to the shoulders, hood, and pockets. Make long, continuous strokes.
  2. You do not need to apply too much wax. Waxing back and forth 3 or 4 times should be good enough to apply a thin white film on the fabric. Remember to wax the seams! Spread the wax with your fingers in the more difficult to reach nooks and crannies.
  3. Set the temperature of your iron to approximately 55°C (130°F) and iron back and forth so that the wax melts and is absorbed by the fabric. Always make long, continuous strokes.
  4. Once your garment is waxed, let it sit for at least 24 hours for the fabric fibers to fully absorb the wax.

Since the wax is an additive and not an integral part of the fabric, it will rub off little by little depending on how often the garment is used. Make sure that you wax your garment on a regular basis to keep it waterproof.

Are all products waxable?

We recommend using Bee Wax for Picture products made with organic cotton, such as backpacks and streetwear jackets.

All technical products (made with synthetic materials, whatever the brand) are usually treated with some form of durable water repellent finish when purchased.
However, over time, this finish loses its effectiveness. In this case, use a hairdryer instead of an iron. This method is much gentler for both the face fabric and waterproof-breathable membrane.

If you have a question or any doubts, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help and provide you with the answer you need.

You should avoid doing the following:

  • Never heat the iron or hairdryer to more than 55°C (130°F) or you will damage the material.
  • Do not leave the iron in contact with your product for too long, otherwise you run the risk of burning it.
  • Never place a hairdryer in direct contact with your product.
  • Always maintain a distance of at least 20cm between the hairdryer and your product.
  • Do not dry your product on a radiator or any other source of heat.
  • Do not place your product in a dryer.

How do I care for my organic apparel?

To thoroughly clean your garment without running the risk of doing any damage, make sure that you close all Velcro, buttons, and zippers, loosen the elastic drawstrings, and turn the garment inside out before placing it in the washing machine.

Avoid using products that contain chlorine, bleach, whiteners, softeners, scents, fragrances, or coloring agents.

For the very first washing, use a “color catcher” dye trapping sheet to avoid any color bleeding. During the manufacturing process, our clothes receive a non-chemical treatment to add color, and to save water we do not pre-wash them.

All clothing made by Picture should be machine washed at 30°C (85°F) maximum. We recommend air drying your garment far from any sources of heat.

Use a gentle spin cycle setting to keep fuzz (pilling) from forming.


How do I care for my backpack?

Picture backpacks should be hand washed in water using a soft brush or sponge. Never machine wash or dry your backpack.

Let your backpack air dry, keeping it out of direct sunlight and away from any sources of heat.

Once per year we recommend spraying a product such as “NST PROOF” on your backpack to reactivate its water repellency and to avoid stains.

Never use an aerosol, otherwise you run the risk of inhaling fine particles and potentially altering the performance capability and quality of your backpack.

How do I care for my Picture Cap?

First, make sure that you keep the cork brim dry.

Dip your cap into warm water (keep the brim out of the water) and then scrub the fabric lightly with soapy water (detergent, dish soap, or regular soap). You can use a soft brush to scrub the dirtiest areas. Rinse with clear water.

Never place your cap in a dryer or it may shrink. You should always let your cap air dry far from any source of heat (never wring out your cap or you will deform it).