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Ride. Protect. Share.

The Picture Brand Values

Ride. Protect. Share.

Since 2008, Picture has worked to reduce its impact on the environment, as their mission is to fight climate change through a passion for board sports and the great outdoors. The people behind the brand are surfers, climbers, hikers, bikers, skiers – adventurers. And it is their passion for the outdoors that drives their need to make a difference.

It Begins Here


Source Materials & Manufacturing

A commitment to sustainability and transparency is the foundation of the brand. So, by sourcing materials and using processes that reduce their impact on the environment, they create more sustainable products. This is why all Picture pieces are a minimum average 50% recycled, bio-sourced, or organic. However, there is always room for improvement. And Picture continues working to find more solutions to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

Durability & Lifecycle

Other key aspects of sustainability are the durability and lifecycle of a product. Which is why Picture designs products to last, as the product you already own is the most environmentally friendly option. However, things do wear with time. So, Picture offers a lifetime repair warranty for zips, buttons, and buckles, ensuring you get the most from your gear.

Sustainable Practices
Social Commitment


Picture understands that the people behind their products are just as important as the products themselves. Which is why they partner with the Fair Wear Foundation – to make sure that the people making their gear are paid living wages and work in safe conditions.

Fair Wear is an independent organization that works with brands, factories, and unions to improve working conditions for employees in the garment industry around the world.

More About Fair Wear
Using Business as a Force for Good

B-Corp Certification

Picture received their B-Corp Certification in 2019 – the highest distinction today for companies committed to making environmental and and social responsibility a core part of their business operations. Demonstrating their commitment to being a “Business for Good,”

What B-Corp Means